Submit to be a guest blogger

Are you interested in blogging with us? We’re now accepting submission for guest blog posts. Submissions must be relevant to radical vegan thought and critique. It is strongly suggested that you see our other posts for what we write about. We’ll accept and publish your post if it seems to fit. If we don’t accept it, it’s not because we don’t love and appreciate you, it’s because we’re invested in not straying too far from the issues at hand and the tone of our blog.


Potential relevant subjects: radical veganism, animal liberation and all its concerns, vivisection, scientific research papers, intersecting violence and oppressions, vegan permaculture, sustainable agriculture, critiques of carnism and neocarnism, personal stories about veganism, commentary about carnism, relevant health tips/critiques, critical capitalist thought, connections between radical veganism and militarism, economies, globalization, indigenous people and “third world” struggles, etc.

Email submissions to: and/or We’ll try to get back to you promptly but thank you for being patient if it takes a bit of time.


Note to folks who don’t like us: We get it, people have different ideas about things. But most likely we won’t respond to blog submissions designed to be snarky and anti-vegan. Generally, we won’t respond to trolls or folks who try to blog in our blog by leaving a thousand anti-vegan or personal attack comments. Actually, we’ll probably delete/ban you straight-out. We certainly aren’t against respectful questioning and debate; in fact, we think it’s quite important. We’d love to hear from you if you are respectful and smart.  However, we know this is a hot topic and that for some folks it’s tempting to troll us…. please don’t waste your time and ours by being a dick, submitting essays that are contrary to our interests, or blogging in our blog by leaving a million hateful/anti-vegan/pro-carnist/generally contrary comments. Thank you.

Love and revolution have way more strength and protein than meat


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