On the Holy Grail of Nutrition

There isn’t one. Move on. First world humans spend undue energy searching for a perfect nutritional formula that will turn us into bronzed, teutonic gods. This is a little silly considering the fact that a fair percentage of the human population doesn’t get enough of anything to eat.

Getting enough calories is important. Getting enough vitamins is important. Not eating foods that make you sick is important. Beyond that, people are pretty adaptable. Most of us are just making do with what we can get. As a vegan, I could argue that dairy products are “bad for you” and “unnatural.” But clearly millions of people survive, many of them quite healthily, while consuming dairy. So I don’t make arguments about what a person should or shouldn’t eat based on nutrition. I make them solely on ethical grounds. I refuse to eat dairy not because it’s bad for me, but because it’s bad for cows.

The Paleo Diet: Not the Way to a Healthy Future

The Evolutionary Search for Our Perfect Past.

Eat with your ethics. Because you can.


2 Responses to On the Holy Grail of Nutrition

  1. (*English in not my native language) I agree with you that the main reason for being vegan has to be ethical, especially in regards to animal´s welfare. But I think it´s also an ethical issue to eat healthy food for our bodies. And to create awareness to the millions who don´t have access to the medical system, letting them know that they can control in great ways their health through diet, being this a very practical and cheap way to do so. A lot of people do survive while eating dairy, but during evolution human beings found that there were several levels of toxicity in certain foods. There are foods that you will eat and die immediately after. These types didn´t make it in the natural selection race, of course. There are others that will start affecting your system little by little. Good science has determined that dairy is one of those foods. This type of food survived the human natural selection because it helped a lot of people survive for periods of time but not to stay healthy in the long run. That is why millions and millions are intolerant to lactose. In the book The China Study (biggest nutrition study ever conducted), there is a very detailed explanation of the connection between dairy consumption and cancer, osteoporosis, and lots of illnesses.

    • Alex C. says:

      I absolutely agree with what you wrote. I hope what my post did not come off as advocating dairy consumption. My point was that since many people can live a relatively healthy life while consuming small amounts of dairy, it makes most sense to me to discourage them from eating it for ethical reasons. That said, the amount of misinformation out there about the nutritive value of dairy products is astounding. Most people think that milk is a “health food” when, as you mentioned, there is a growing body of scientific research linking it to a plethora of diseases. I guess that would fall under “not eating foods that make you sick.”

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