New blog discovery: Say What, Michael Pollan?

This is an exciting discovery: A blog called “Say What, Michael Pollan?” Check it out.

Much as I appreciate what Michael Pollan has done to raise awareness about food-related issues, I’m sometimes frustrated by things he says or writes that seem slanted or even incorrect. This blog is an attempt to encourage Pollan to check facts and think through arguments more carefully.

Thank you, Adam Merberg. We will be checking this out in much more depth.


5 Responses to New blog discovery: Say What, Michael Pollan?

  1. Adam Merberg says:

    Thanks for your blog and this post in particular. I’m actually planning a piece that relates to The Vegetarian Myth. As I’m sure you know, Lierre Keith relies on The Omnivore’s Dilemma for everything she has to say about Polyface Farm, and she really does a great job of showing how that book can lead one astray.

  2. Yes. They both do a good job, in general, of showing how facts, anecdotes, and research can be framed/manipulated to lead readers astray. I look forward to reading further into your blog.

  3. I’ve started my own review/debunking of The Vegetarian Myth over here. I’m probably not going to be as polite or nice as you might like me to be—I did choose “Savage Rabbit” for a reason—but I don’t want to limit myself to facts and mathematics. There are serious ongoing structural fallacies in this book, and I want to attack them.

    • And by “nice” I mean that most vegans talking about this book actively try to follow the “impartial” mannerisms prescribed by academia. Maybe you might like the way I’m going after her—no idea; that’s just my perception given what I’ve observed.

      • carolynz says:

        I think it’s great you’re doing this review. Maybe I don’t see the niceness or not-niceness as so much of an issue. I think people have different voices and the truth speaks for itself. I look forward to reading more!

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