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Hey! Thanks for all of the support you’ve shown us and information you’ve passed along to us since this blog started. We’re excited to announce that Carolyn Zaikowski from The Myths About The Vegetarian Myth blog is a featured writer this month in Britain’s Get Fresh! magazine, a publication focusing on raw food, holistic health, and veganism. Amazing editor Sarah Best sought her out after coming across this blog. The article, entitled “Why I’ll always be vegan”, is a counter-piece to an article called “Why I’m no longer vegan.” You can get a print or electronic copy here if you’re interested.


3 Responses to Get Fresh! Magazine has published us

  1. Cerien says:

    Get Fresh! is a pretty awesome magazine. I wish they’d do more in the realm of thinky pieces (at least, last time I checked, they veer towards the celebrity news side), but hey, it’s a raw food magazine that’s actually friendly to veganism! And you don’t get all that crap about, “Make sure you get enough vitamin C!” (Noticeably, no one ever tells my carnist friends – who eat very little fruit – this.) Because everyone assumes you’re eating enough fruits and vegetables.

  2. It’s an interesting publication that I’ve just recently checked out. I’m not a raw foodist and I get a little weary of a lot of the claims made by raw foodists and the culture of consumerism that tends to surround it, but this magazine seems pretty neat, pretty interesting in asking big and real questions about health, ethics, and agriculture.

  3. Cerien says:

    Word that! There are some raw foodists that don’t believe that consumerism and materialism are going to save the world – I’ve met a few, myself – but it definitely gets tiring. I understand that it’s the logical result of an ideology where capitalism means choice, power and liberation, but the knowledge doesn’t make it less annoying. Get Fresh! doesn’t entirely move away from that, but you get really useful articles in there sometimes and it can be really fun to read.

    Oh. And apparently Keith cites David Wolfe? I gotta mention that he’s not vegan. He’s a schmuck (in my opinion), but he’s not vegan. He openly eats honey and, if I’m recalling correctly, ants.

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