Don’t Buy This Book!

It’s always important to be familiar with what you’re critiquing, but that doesn’t mean you have to give Lierre Keith your money. Just download the book. I defy anyone to make it through the first chapter without clenching their teeth.


10 Responses to Don’t Buy This Book!

  1. freelee says:

    Yep what a load of BS, thanks for all you do!
    Come join forces with us on my website –
    My partner Durianrider has debunked it also…check it out…

  2. Garett says:

    Let me just start by saying, we come from different sides of the aisle. Don’t visit my blog because we have pictures that will be offensive to you. However, advocating not to by a book is a bit extreme.

    If you don’t want to fund the author, I understand. Suggest your followers get a used copy, or download for free (as you did mention). Truly educate your self on what she is saying. Then take your stand.

    Blind allegiance is something you are advocating against after all!

  3. I don’t understand how we disagree on this issue. You say you understand if we don’t want to fund an author, and that we should suggest getting it for free. We’ve done that. There’s no place in this blog, anywhere, that says don’t read it. In fact we say do read it. Several times. We say to read it and be critical, and by critical we don’t mean you have to agree with us, we mean to think for yourself and do your own research.

  4. None of the torrents contain the book itself, only interviews. Am I missing something, or has it been taken down recently? I’d really like to do a thorough take at this thing.

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