My name is Alex. I am a Southern Indiana native living and working in West Philadelphia. I have a BA in social science from Hampshire College for whatever that’s worth. My grandfather’s generation built the cars that took the United States out of the Great Depression. My father’s generation did its best to land on their feet when the factories shut down. Now my generation is here and we’re trying to find a new way.

I have been vegan for going on nine years. This is inseparable from my being an environmentalist, a feminist, a supporter of GLBTQ rights, a supporter of immigrant rights, a supporter of workers’ rights and anti-war. I do not subscribe to the traditional left/right views of politics. I think that, in order for humanity to survive and thrive, we need to make a fundamental shift away from the nation state framework and toward localized communitarianism.

My goal with this blog is to send you love letters from the edge of a decaying society. My city is awash in poverty, violence, pollution and psychic trauma and the circumstance deepens each day. The accumulated effects of industrial and post-industrial capitalism are reshaping ecosystems at a rate that is far outstripping the pace of human adaptation. At the same time, we are living in an age of unprecedented digital reproduction and information sharing. Will we use it to organize ourselves and build a culture based on love, cooperation and mutual understanding? Or will our incessant jabbering eventually taper off into a quiet eulogy for the last human empire? I guess we’ll all find out. In the meantime, we might as well do our best to make things better. After all, what else is there to do?



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