Welcome to the Myths about “The Vegetarian Myth” blog

We’ve started this blog because we are concerned by what we consider to be an abundance of misinformation, sketchy research, and logical fallacy found in the somewhat popular book, The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith.

The Vegetarian Myth was published on Derrick Jensen’s Flashpoint Press. Derrick Jensen is Keith’s guru/teacher, and a pretty well-regarded anti-civilization theorist who has a notable following. On the cover he has blurbed himself as saying, “This book saved my life.” In the publishing world, it is considered big-time intellectual dishonesty for a self-interested publisher to write a blurb– especially one like this– for his own book. This is not to be taken lightly, as he stands to gain in money and popularity if the books does well. So from the very front cover, this book is permeated with an instance of intellectual dishonesty of a type that is not to be taken lightly.

Throughout this blog, we will be deconstructing the book by chapters and themes, in order to give some perspective, as well as offer what we consider some vitally important alternatives to Keith’s ideas.

Please check back, as we will begin our postings soon. Thanks!


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  1. Hello.
    I’ve posted a review of Lierre Keith’s book on my blog. It’s a long review, but at the end I have described in detail some of the sloppy research she conducted in chapter 4. You might find it interesting.


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